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Our Story


We believe that here in Bulgaria we can craft & manufacture products with added value made of imported certified materials instead of just exporting Bulgarian materials for the making of certified products abroad - later to be imported here. 


Today many open floor offices struggle with noisiness & the lack of privacy -  both of which affect employee performance & job satisfaction. & while it’s true that open spaces facilitate collaboration, it’s also true that seclusion & silence help us synthesize information, dive into the creative process, & produce valuable work. 


Our mission is to support offices in finding flexible & working solutions to work-related clamour & the no-privacy issue. The solutions we provide are sound-cancelling & echo-absorbing products that pair easily with the existing office design, becoming an easy fit for any room. 

All of our products are made in Bulgaria & can be customized in accordance to the needs & preferences of the buyer. 

All products are movable & you can take with you once you decide to move or leave the premises. No more construction works, building approvals & construction plans just for one more separate meeting room


We believe that agility & effectiveness in the modern office means providing space for interaction & offering agile division solutions that allow employees to sink deeper into their creative process or take a skype call without being bothered by the presence of a st&buyer. Our focus in on continuous attention to technical excellence & dedication to harmonious design. For the sake of boosting productivity & increasing satisfaction.


Instead of investing in construction works or set up new premises in the office to deal with the separation of space, clients can use our products to find easy & cool-looking solutions to these problems. 


What’s even better is that since our products are removable, you can easily take them with you when you’re moving offices.


All our products are manufactured in Bulgaria & are made from high-quality imported materials, as in the process we provide talented carpenters & upholstery workers with jobs & thus create added value.

All our products can be printed with the customer's logo or any other fully customized graphic design.

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